This little known Borrow an Audience Strategy helped us grow our email list to 10,000 subscribers and it can work for you too!! There are tons of gurus out there teaching you to build a lead magnet and share it all over the place and what you may find is that it takes a long time to actually grow that list. So I’m going to share with you the strategies that can make that growth happen so much faster. It is called a giveaway or a bundle giveaway. Now, this is not like those contests you see on Instagram or you’re just entering for a chance to win. This strategy is a group of people (entrepreneurs & business owners) who have the same or similar type of audience that comes together and all collectively offer their lead magnets and then they all promote this marketing effort at the same time, For example, we have one it’s called the “Ultimate Template Giveaway for Entrepreneurs”. It includes tools, resources, and templates, so it’s gonna draw people in, they opt-in and then they get to see a whole list of gifts that they can select from that come from all of these entrepreneurs that we bring them together. The contributors are people that have high-quality high-value gifts for entrepreneurs and we’re all marketing the giveaway together at the same time to our email lists and all of our social media channels. So instead of being the only person alone on an island going, “Hey, look at me, look at me, here’s my lead magnet”. We’re all collaborating together reaching out to 1000s hundreds of 1000s of people and saying, “Hey, look at this opportunity to get all these amazing gifts” and then people opt-in and they get to select all the gifts they want. Then those people who opt-in are now on your email list and you know, they’re interested in your gift and what you’re offering. Now you keep nurturing the relationship which will lead to paying clients. It is such a win-win strategy