Writing doesn’t come easy to everyone.  For most, actually, it’s a serious struggle to convey what you do and how you do it in the way it needs to be conveyed to attract clients.  Then, after hours, even days of blood, sweat and tears, it STILL doesn’t really describe your genius.

Have you tried this angle – the angle of having fun with it?  Yes! It’s absolutely possible to laugh your way to the bank like you’ve wanted by using humour in your message!

We explore this unique technique and how to master it with Zandra Bell who helps helps business professionals like you convey your message in a succinct, compelling way that gets potential clients coming YOUR way. 

As a corporate motivational humorist and keynote speaker, this multiple-award-winning entrepreneur uses words to create inspirational hilarity customized to her clients’ workplace objectives. Performed in the guise of Zandra’s comedic alter ego, Shirley Best, this is clean, appropriate humour that’s designed to unite and empower staff while raising morale and productivity, so you can “Laugh your Way to the Bank.”  Written or spoken, the RIGHT words make you more money.

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