Man, has there been change in 2020 or what?!?  And they have been doozies!  Speaking with friends, family and our clients, change has touched virtually every aspect of our lives – from our entire morning routine of getting ready to zip out the door with the kids to get where we need to be on time, our finances and budgets, right down to missing the usual suspects at our Christmas table.  It’s been a lot!

How have you been dealing with it?  Are you resisting it more than embracing it?

In a recent podcast interview with Sandra Griff, Energy Movement Facilitator, Speaker and founder of Ever Changing Life, Sandra shares with us why embracing change is crucial.

Sandra works with people having difficulty adjusting to life transitions like empty nest, career change or retirement. It was her divorce that drew her to the power of energy and where she learned how to embrace change. Now she spends her time helping others to embrace their life changes. As a Reiki Master, Eft Practitioner, and Professional Organizer, she helps clear energy clutter, mind, body, soul & home.

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