our clients


“We ended up with 516 people at the summit. So I almost doubled the amount of people that I expected. Ended up with with 61 VIPs.

“In 3 months, I grew my business to 6-figures, with over $120,000 in projected revenue and an 80% close rate on sales calls.”

"Using this strategy we enrolled 40 people vs. the 10-15 people we would normally get and have another 60 people who could still enroll."

"Wow, I'm over 500 people on my list. Now, on top of that, I sold  I believe it was 45 VIP tickets. I'm not going to lie, I loved having over $2,000 in revenue."

"Never before have we had more and more people coming to our social media account signing up for our freebies and our and our summits and being interested in the services that we do have"

"If you're looking at getting any web and funnel work done from somebody who actually is doing this day in and day out, understands marketing, sales, especially in the online world, then Kat's your go-to 100%."