More and more, people are realizing that they really do have a purpose in life.  It’s not just about waking up and going to work, coming home to do chores and go to sleep.  It’s not about struggling with difficult people at work and letting it consume your every waking moment.  It’s about much, much more indeed!  

In this podcast, our friend and colleague, Elizabeth MacArthur, details her journey and learnings on her path to connectedness with the universe thus her passion and purpose.  And you’re in for a real treat as Elizabeth also provides a full, guided meditation using the Universal Sphere®.

Elizabeth has years of experience working with energy modalities including her newest addition of the Universal Sphere®. Elizabeth has always enjoyed working with concepts “radically” different from mainstream like the Universal Sphere®, Akashic Records, and Radical Forgiveness/Self-Forgiveness. She enjoys teaching the Universal Sphere®, a relatively NEW energy modality that is quickly gaining momentum as one of the most effective tools of this time. 

The Universal Sphere® is an ‘easy to learn’ and ‘simple to use’ energy tool for attracting new and higher-level energy solutions from the Unified Field to bring in more ease and flow in these challenging times.

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