1-1 mentorship

An invitation to work with Kim or Kat


For a truly personalized business mentorship experience, we offer advanced 1-1 mentorship through custom VIP days for entrepreneurs, coaches and other experts who are generating a good income already and who are looking for help scaling their business to multiple six or seven figures by increasing the number of enrollments into their courses & programs using collaborative marketing strategies.


If you’re close to or already making over $100,000 in your business, but you feel like you’re working around the clock, glued to social media and constantly on client calls, this mentorship is for you. 


You aren’t just the CEO; you’re the writer, the marketer, the subject matter expert, the accountant and the intern of your business.  

The life of freedom you are trying to create seems to have disappeared into the abyss of 60-hour work weeks, and even though you’ve tried to hire a team, it’s a catch-22 because you don’t want all of your hard-earned money spent on paying them! 


Let us help you get the mindset, systems, processes and automations in place in order for you to have more of your time back and prepare your business to scale into seven figures. 


What it looks like. 


You have the option of working with either Kim or Kat for a business intensive where we focus on how you can create advance outcomes that are tailored to your specific needs.  We specialize in launch strategies, sales events, business tools such as funnels & more.


Using these same systems we teach our clients we’ve generated over half a million dollars in sales – without posting on social everyday or sending people dm’s. We’ve helped hundreds of our clients build out these systems and with our support have increased sales from 0 to 10K, 10K to 20K, 20K to 70K and everything in between!


Who’s the right person for this experience?


They are pretty settled on what they help clients with, and who their ideal client is, and is not looking to pivot to a new niche or market.

It’s also someone who’s already a great communicator, and enjoys speaking about the topics they’re an expert in.

If you’re interested in this program, the next step is to fill out the application and book a call. We’ll have a brief review of your business to see if it’s a good fit.