How are you with saying no to people who need you for your time, your energy and other resources?  And, when you’re helping them, how do you feel?  A little resentment, strapped for time, pressured?  Can you say no?

If not, then people-pleasing is the name of your game, and you’re probably noticing how your help is making strides in their lives while and not so much in your own.

It’s not helping others is a bad thing, but people-pleasing is more than that.  It’s often not being true to yourself, 

Shannon Hart, Wellness Coach and Registered Nurse, was happy to take us up on our offer and shared with us her simple and effective tips and strategies to create boundaries around ourselves that keeps self-care at the forefront of our busy lives.  We share some of our own struggles, too, that I’m sure many will be able to relate to.

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