In our last post, we gave 3 reasons you might not be getting clients from your speaking gigs. You can find those HERE. These are our next-level tips to make sure you get clients from your speaking opportunities.

Know Your Audience

Knowing who is sitting in the audience is crucial because if you know that, you can figure out what you can offer them that will provide them with the most value.  

Meet Them at Their Level

If they are beginners in your area of expertise, and you’re speaking at an intermediate or pro-level, it might be going over their heads completely. You don’t want that! So, if they are beginners, offer them a resource that will support them in taking the next step. Or vice versa, if they are more advanced and you’re giving them beginner advice, they may feel your talk doesn’t apply to them and you’ll lose their attention.

Don’t let there be a huge gap between where your audience is at, and what you’re speaking to or offering.  For example, the audience might be thinking “How do I replace my job income?” In that case, don’t be the speaker talking about creating an eight-figure business. It will just feel unattainable to them and you’ll lose relatability and connection.

Make Your Offer Applicable to Them

It doesn’t matter whether your offer is free or paid, but showing your ideal client the next logical step to work with you is what generates those RED HOT LEADS that you’re looking for. Ask the event organizer what the audience is struggling with most right now, and offer them a solution to that problem.

Build That Relationship

We are lucky to live in the time of genuine relationship building. That’s why we love speaking from the stage! It’s one of the best ways to create that genuine energetic connection with a lot of people at once. That connection happens so much faster than on social media, even if you post every single day! Nothing beats that face to face interaction.  People will want to work with you much faster when they have seen you in person. That is why speaking is the main strategy that we use in our business.

Work the Room

Connecting with the people in the room before and after your speaking opportunity is a really important part of building the relationship! Don’t hide in the corner or in a different room because you’re feeling nervous.

Oh and P.S.

Don’t just read this! What are some of the things that you can implement from what you learned today? Let us know, which strategy will you try next time you’re on stage?


If you don’t have a stage yet, just come to our event and we’ll make sure you get on a stage!