Kat Halushka is asking Jeremy DeMerchant the hard questions.

How does one stay in integrity when selling during a worldwide pandemic? And should services and products be discounted?

How to provide the most value and double your sales at the times of crisis?

Jump in and watch this episode of Business Incubator to find your answers to how to sell during the coronavirus pandemic and feel good about it.

Jeremy DeMerchant is a #1 best selling author, award-winning speaker, and creator of the Momentum 120 Sales Accelerator. He founded Permission To Sell Consulting Group after two decades of sales and leadership roles for industry giants in telecom, finance, and education. Jeremy has had the opportunity to support small business owners and sales teams from Santa Monica to Singapore to double their sales results in a matter of weeks and is now on a mission to ensure businesses maximize their growth potential during this time of economic uncertainty.

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