The key to great health is taking preventive measures.  However, most people take action when they’re facing a very challenging situation which is often too late, unfortunately.

With nearly half of all Canadians likely to be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime (that’s 7 in 10 of us Canadians over age 65) thinking about additional care is an important topic for us to discuss now rather when you will need it to skip the chaos for yourself and your loved ones. 

What is your plan when it comes to aging in health, but more importantly, if/when you need more care from a chronic illness?  Keep in mind that our public healthcare system is already overburdened.

Over the years, Patrick Louie has seen too many stories of cancer patients desperately trying to fundraise for life-saving treatments, families losing their homes and life savings due to years of chronic illness, and family caregivers struggling to balance their full-time jobs with their unpaid caregiving duties. Patrick and his wife, Wynne, founders of LivingWell Solutions, decided it was high time to change the conversation and turn to empowerment instead of being a statistic to help Canadians from all walks of life access a better quality of life!