“How do I get consistent sales?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions we get from new entrepreneurs who want to sell courses, books, coaching, or holistic services packages.

And the answer is you need to build an audience and following so you have people who are interested in what you offer. 

And we don’t just mean an online social media following but rather an email list of hot leads who are interested in what knowledge & services you have to offer them.

There are lots of different ways to do this and our favorite strategy is to Borrow an Audience.

This involves borrowing an audience from other people and businesses with an already established following. 

In effect, you can leverage another person or business’ platform to connect with potential clients faster!!

Some examples of how you can borrow an audience are:

1. Participate in a bundle/gift giveaway: (this isn’t a gift giveaway like those you see on Instagram but rather a targeted collaborative promotion strategy) A bundle giveaway brings together a dozen or more online entrepreneurs who have a similar audience and each offers a free gift via opt-in. Collectively they all promote the giveaway garnering significant organic reach by tapping into each other’s audiences.

This particular strategy is our favorite because it doesn’t require much time as a participant and it is very powerful if you are the organizer because you will add 1,000 or more email opt-ins to your list if it is executed properly.


2. Speak on a virtual summit or multi-speaker virtual event – the best part of presenting on a virtual summit is that all of the speakers along with the host promote the event so you get widespread exposure. This is a great way to grow your audience and book more discovery calls and anyone that catches you live will often become a raving fan. 


3. Guest Speak on a Podcast: Getting on podcasts is a great way to enter into the borrow an audience ecosphere because you get interviewed so it requires little preparation and you can be yourself while having fun. It creates fresh exposure to new audiences while building credibility & authority. Pro-tip always as if you can offer a free gift to the audience. 


There are 4 more borrowed audience strategies that we have used and you can access all of them in our Borrowed Audiences Toolkit. 

You get our favorite temples along with 7 mini-training that explain what the strategies are and how you can start using them to build consistent sales in your online business.


Borrowed Audiences Toolkit