Has your confidence taken a dive lately? Build confidence and resiliency with this episode of Business Incubator. Kat Halushka interviews Confidence & Self-Love Coach, Kayla Marie about some of the strategies she is using to build confidence and resiliency during the pandemic.

Coach Kayla Marie is a Certified Access Bars Practitioner, Professional Photographer, and a Confidence & Self Love Coach for entrepreneurial women. Her drive to grow and evolve has contributed to her journey in studying and practicing in the self-development arena for over a decade. Kayla combines her unique skill set to empower others to get out of self-doubt and judgment, so they can show up & shine in their businesses with purpose and passion.

Her story of triumph over bullying, death, divorce, and poor body image has inspired many people around the world to experience the peace, joy, and happiness that comes with true self-love and acceptance.

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