Each day, we awake to a new opportunity to do whatever it is we want to do or need to do to accomplish our goals.  Some of us have a specific regime carefully crafted to get us there, and some of us attack the day in a more unstructured way.  Either way, our method is formed by our habits.

Which method do you use?  Do you wake up and have 5 things you do like meditate, journal, do yoga and have a healthy breakfast?  Or, do you let do whatever faces you as they arise?  There are benefits to both ways, but in each, your performance habits need a review and very likely a tweak.  After all, there are many ways to get things done more efficiently and with more joy, so why not explore them?

Jessica Derksen, founder of True To You Lifestyle and acclaimed life revitalization specialist is passionate about showing you how to create LASTING change by way of healthy habits.

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