Oftentimes, the thing that we’re most uncomfortable doing, is THE thing that can unlock all that goodness that you’ve been working so hard for, like getting your brand and your services front and center of your ideal clients.  One of the biggest challenges most online entrepreneurs have is breaking through being shy of the camera – the video camera that is.  And, in today’s climate, with the restrictions of live networking, this is not the time to continue to hide.

The most accomplished brands, and those who are newer and soaring already, are showing up on video!  If you’re not doing the same, you’re truly missing the boat!  Get onboard by taking this lifesaver for your brand and business that we’re throwing you today with our interview with the radiant Jesse Szymanski, founder and CEO of Modern Muse, a thriving business promoting powerful brand-building through digital marketing has got some important things to share with you that can take you from zero to hero with videos.  

Jesse can save you THOUSANDS of dollars by empowering you to create and produce effective company videos long-term – everything from shooting, editing to adding music and graphics to your videos.