If you’re on a podcast, if you’ve ever thought about podcasting or been offered the opportunity to participate in a speaking engagement, then you’ll want to tune into this episode.

Today, Kat is gonna help you figure out some ways that you can get out there and into the world so that you can make more money as a speaking candidate. How does $1 million in revenue sound?

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Impacting the few, not worrying about the many
  • Creating Joint Ventures with your guests
  • Knowing your audience and not worrying about making mistakes
  • Kat’s boot camps to become a profitable speaker

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Kat Halushka is an international mentor, speaker, and coach. After moving to Canada she built a 6 figure marketing agency from the ground up in less than a year. Shortly she sold the agency to live her true passion – helping entrepreneurs gain clarity, confidence, and client to live their purpose and life they truly deserve. In the last 2 years, Kat has been on over 200 stages and generates over 1 million dollars of revenue through these stages.