In this episode of Business Incubator Rob Hanrieder shares the powers of mindfulness and stillness. How to bring awareness, appreciation, and enjoyment to all forms of the present moment.

Stillness isn’t a monk-like existence only reserved for the enlightened. It’s an idea of finding inner peace even during the time of global adversity and where our best life and work will come from.

Rob’s Story:

I took my first training back in 2015, 100 hours, shortly after completing I took another 200-hour training in 2016. I took my Reiki Levels 1 & 2 in 2019. Been in love with yoga/meditation and teaching ever since. In 2017 I found my good friend and mentor Travis Fox and embarked on the amazing journey of learning how to unwind my mind.

Fast forward 2 years later I AM a graduate of the Architect of BEing program teaching and helping others to do the same for themselves. I am a meditation and energy coach. Through my teachings, my class’s have evolved to incorporate psychology and energy work into flowing breathe and movement.

When you attend one of my classes you can expect an invitation to transcend the mind (thinking) into the heart (feeling). I have learned through my own journey this is where our deepest healing happens. In my classes, we generally flow (breath & movement) for 45-50 min then find stillness where I guide you into Savasana and drop you into a more internal state of being. This is where many find their blissful happy space where imagination and happiness and ultimately creation is possible.


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