Kristin Fraser is sharing her Inner Framework, a simple 5 step system that will help you how to get back to basics to uncover a common-sense approach to healthy eating.

Plant Based Chef and Founder of Inner Glow Getter, Kristin Fraser, known as the Inner Glow Coach, shows busy women who feel overwhelmed with their eating habits how to prepare healthier meals so that they can feel their best without wasting time in the kitchen. She pairs that with the “inner work” required to break through barriers that keep people from achieving their best health. Kristin hosts retreats and culinary training in both Canada and Bali. She received her own culinary trained in NYC at the Natural Gourmet Institute focusing on Food and Healing and is certified as a certified holistic nutrition consultant as well as a living foods instructor under the direction of Dr. Gabriel Cousens, author of “Depression Free for Life”, “Conscious Eating” and “There is a Cure for Diabetes”.

She developed her own menu for a food delivery program in Dubai and works with clients around the world to improve their eating habits.

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