Are you ready to start connecting with your dream clients through speaking opportunities? 

It’s the fastest (and dare we say, easiest) way to show those perfect clients that you’re the expert and how to take the next step to start working with you. 

And once they’ve heard your talk, your future clients will be lining up with their credit cards in hand screaming “Tell me more! I need this!.” 

How do we know? 

Because we’ve done it, again and again. We’ve made over 1.8 million dollars over the past 3 years by getting on stages and connecting with our dream clients. 

And every single time, we’ve welcomed more people into our community without sacrificing our impact nor income. 

If anything, the opportunity to speak and share your story with your future clients creates a deeper connection that excites them and makes them look forward to working with you. 

That’s why today we’re gonna introduce you to our signature talk system. It’s a simple system for entrepreneurs to get clients from speaking opportunities without working 40, 60 or 100 hours weeks. 

Now, if you haven’t met us before, we are Kim and Kat. We are the dynamic duo behind Profitable Impact Academy and we’re on a mission. We have BIG dreams for our business and want to empower 100,000 entrepreneurs to create ripples of impact that’ll affect 1 billion people worldwide. And even though it’s a really big dream, we’ve already helped entrepreneurs do that through speaking and getting in front of groups of their dream clients.  

So if you’re ready to deliver the right presentation that converts your perfect audience while inspiring and motivating them, then you’re in the right place. 

When we first started Profitable Impact Academy, we were in the same situation that many of you are right now. 

We knew we wanted to work with more clients and build a profitable business but still had so many questions. 

What is the magic formula? 

How can I attract clients that want to work with me without working 60 hours a week? 

Will I always be stuck trying to convince people to work with me? 

So we tried so many different marketing strategies. Starting with Facebook, then creating a website, then jumping on a ton of coffee chats. 

We were doing A LOT and spending 40 to 60 hours each week just trying to have conversations and get more clients. 

And unfortunately, even though we met great people and had great conversations, it just wasn’t profitable for our business. We would walk away saying how exciting it was to have connected but we still weren’t actually getting any clients. 

But here’s the thing, your business doesn’t have to be this hard. And for those of you who truly feel like you’re trying to push a boulder uphill when trying to get clients, we want to share an easier strategy. 

This 3-step system shows you the exact formula to put together a profitable signature talk so you can get in front of more clients and start making irresistible offers. 

Step 1: Share Your Story

It all starts with your story. 

Your story is how you connect and build trust with people. 

So if you’ve ever felt like no one wants to hear your story. That’s completely untrue.

Your story matters and there is someone out there who needs to hear it. 

When we first started our online business, we didn’t think our story mattered either. Kim was actually a teen mother and still remembers when her corporate mentor told her that her story was so inspiring and impactful.

And one day, her mentor sent her an email that read, “Your story is so amazing! Why don’t you tell more people about it?” 

For so long, Kim felt like her story was just her life and no one would really care. She was just doing what she had to do to survive and cope. 

But the first time that she shared her story from the stage, amazing women started coming up to her and saying, “Wow, I’m so inspired!” or “I feel so connected, your story helps me understand myself better. Thank you.” 

And in that moment, we truly understood the importance of sharing your story. It’s a gift to share your story with someone because that’s how we connect with each other. 

So even though most entrepreneurs are scared to share their story, we want you to remember that people will remember your story. 

Your story will set you apart from other people in your industry who share the same expertise. This is how your dream clients will connect with you. 

Step 2: Create Great Content

Now, let’s talk about your content. 

People love great content. So be sure to add content that they can learn from, inspire them and simply start conversation. 

You aren’t giving away your entire program or method in your signature talk. But you’ll want to empower them (like the expert you are!) to take the first step towards fixing whichever problem you’re helping them solve. 

And when people walk away from your impactful presentation, they feel great. They’ve learned something that they didn’t understand before and they are ready to learn more.

That brings us to the final step.  

Step 3: Make An Offer

Your call to action is the final piece of your signature talk system. 

It’s also the missing piece that most new entrepreneurs forget to include when they start getting on stages. 

When we first started, we were scared to make an offer during our presentations too! 

But here’s the thing… this is actually the PERFECT time to make an offer while your audience is listening and fully engaged. 

If you wait a few days after your presentation, your audience is also preoccupied with their lives. Whether it’s cooking dinner, picking up their kids, or trying to remember to make an important call, they probably aren’t in the headspace to make an important decision. 

With that in mind, give them a really clear call to action of what the next step is. This can be one of your courses, a program, a free download, or a free phone call. It doesn’t matter what your call to action is going to be, but make sure it’s undeniably clear what the next step is. 

I know in the beginning, it feels a little bit scary. But trust us, your dream clients are sitting in that audience and they’ll appreciate that you’ve just made it a no brainer for them to connect with you. They’ve made the decision to start fixing their problem and now you have the opportunity to continue helping them on their journey. 

And there you have it, our 3 step system to converting strangers into dream clients. 

When you start using this system, it changes everything. You are no longer invisible. 

In fact, your signature talk is a visibility hack for those of you that are like, I don’t know how to get clients or where to find the clients. This system is really going to help you. 

Now if you’re still struggling with public speaking, then we got you covered. 

Our Profitable Speaker Bootcamp is perfect if you aren’t sure what content to build into your talk and what’s the right CTA for your audience. We’ll chat about all the different things you offer in your talk and what to do if you’re not allowed to sell. 

We promise that this event will change things massively in your business. If you’re ready to increase your impact and work with more clients, then click here to join us.