Having a human resources person, consultant or department for your company is definitely a bonus!  Imagine being able to pass along the task of dealing with difficult situations between staff, questions about their career paths, and anything you’re not equipped to resolve in this area.  You’re busy enough and HR is really not in your wheelhouse.

If having such a key person on your payroll isn’t in the cards right now, then you’ll need some skills to help you with what may arise.  So, what do you need to do to be able to rise to the occasion?  You need to learn how to become a leader so you can lead others.

Lisa Wilson, Leadership/Corporate Coach, Certified Human Resources Leader and a trained Mediator with a career spanning 15 years is a trusted source in this area!  Her strength also comes from living through a devastating mistake that involved her thyroid to be removed by mistake.  What followed that surgery was 5 years of frustration and exhaustion. Lisa had to learn to rest. Not something that came to her easily. She now uses her experience in leadership roles and the lessons she learned in her healing journey to help you become the leader you always wanted to be.