Preparing before a presentation is an important aspect to help you show up confidently on stage and something a lot of people don’t consider is that what they eat or drink before getting on stage can affect how you are feeling!


When you hit the stage and your adrenaline kicks in, it can throw your digestive system into confusion. So if you don’t want to feel heavy, bloated, gassy, or find yourself with an extremely dry mouth then here’s what you should avoid.



🥤 Carbonated drinks – will make you burp.

🍕 Heavy carbs like pizza or pasta – will make you feel sluggish and tired.

🍩 sweets & junk food – sugar causes an energy spike which you don’t want when your already running on adrenaline.

☕ overly hot or cold drinks – will cause your vocal cords to constrict and you might get a coughing fit or feel like you are losing your voice.



Have lukewarm room temperature water.

A light meal that’s nutritious but light.

A protein shake can be very beneficial because you’ll feel full without feeling heavy.