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put simply, we want to make starting a business easier

We work with entrepreneurs to implement proven sales & marketing systems to help them have more freedom and less headaches.

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In late 2018, we were happily doing it all. To name a few things, we were publishing weekly blog posts, writing and sending weekly emails, filming weekly Facebook videos. We were active on Instagram, Facebook, and in multiple Facebook groups.

We were doing at least one coffee chat per week. We were constantly launching something new.

We were hosting in-person events.  And, oh yeah, there was the client work and admin tasks for our membership club we had at the time…

You’re probably not surprised to learn that we worked from about 7am to 9pm every single day – weekends included!

Honestly, at the time we were okay with it. Business was fun! But we were clinging to the idea that we had to work that hard to get the money to come in. Only THEN could we consider slowing down.

But in June 2019, it became very clear that something was going to need to change, and fast. Kim had a serious health issue arise and Kat endured a personal loss. With both of us needing to focus our time on family and recovery, we realized we couldn’t keep pushing so HARD to ensure our business was profitable.

Through our visioning, we built a successful, self-sustaining business and we realized that simplifying didn’t have to mean giving up income. In fact, the changes we implemented led us to grow into a multi-six-figure business over the following year alone, all while working a whole lot less.

And now, these are the results we want to help you achieve by showing you how to implement our proven sales & marketing systems into your business to give you more freedom and more profit.

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